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Our Philosophy


At Kid’s of Promise Preschool our staff is made up of dedicated, Christian teachers, who are concerned with the welfare of each child. We recognize and value the uniqueness of each child at his or her own level of development and are committed to encouraging them to develop to their full potential. Strong faculty commitment is expressed through daily interaction with each child. A variety of teaching methods are used to stimulate learning while maintaining a positive and exciting learning environment which assists in preparing and enhancing children’s minds for kindergarten and beyond, incorporating self-esteem, self-image, personal assurance, independence, friendship and many educational and Christian values.
The Facts of Preparing for School
The Scripture says “train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Extensive research has demonstrated the truth of the Bible, showing early experiences shape the way children will learn, think and behave throughout their lives. The early training of a child, whether good or bad, will have a lifetime effect upon a child. Therefore, early childhood education must involve more than just learning the ABC’s but it most also involve character building, and the learning of values.
Spiritual Development
At Kid’s of Promise Preschool, we believe that God’s Word, the Bible, teaches us the way to have a healthy, happy and successful life, therefore the Bible is a part of our daily curriculum to help children understand and apply its truths in their own lives, and to instill in them a desire to have a personal relationship with God, and to walk in obedience to Him.
Social and Emotional Development

Children who feel good about themselves generally approach life with much mored confidence, and have a willingness to explore new situations. We are committed to helping each child view themselves as a special and unique creation of God, and to know that they are greatly loved by Him, and we hope this truth will not only be taught, but expressed through our actions.
Getting along with others is also a skill that children will need throughout life, therefore much opportunity is given for social interaction, and learning how to play, share, and work together.
Approach to Learning
What a child learns is just as important as the way that they learn. Children learn best by doing and by being involved. They have a natural curiosity, that is a powerful motivator for learning. Children who are encouraged to discover the world around them for themselves become excited about learning.
At Kid’s of Promise Preschool the classes will be exciting, appealing to the child’s curiosity, and the activities will be hand’s on. Children will learn to work independently, as well as in groups. They will learn to stick with difficult tasks, listen attentively, understand what is being said to them, and follow through, receiving a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.
Language Development
Children learn languages by listening, and then trying it out for themselves. As they put words together and respond to people around them, they develop their language skills. The more a child is engaged in verbal interaction the more quickly they will develop and expand their language skills. For this reason interaction with parents, teachers, and peers is very important. Also, since the optimum time for the learning of language is before the age of five, we will also endeavor to offer Spanish classes, to those interested, that children may become bilingual.
Physical Well Being and Motor Development
Exercise and physical activity are very important to keep kids health, and for the development of their motor skills. Fine motor skills will also be developed through such activities as art and creativity, where children will trace, draw, and cut. The development of fine motor skills will assist the child in learning to write, and in various other daily school activities.
Constructive Play is Essential to Learning
As parents walk through our classrooms, they will see children “playing,” and may question if their child is learning and how it relates to kindergarten readiness. In fact, many forms of play provide the basis for reading, writing, math, language and social interaction.

At Kid’s of Promise Preschool, our curriculum is filled with a variety of fun, hands on activities that will help your child develop the skills that will prepare them for kindergarten, but they will also find that learning is fun.
We use A Beka Curriculum which teaches reading by phonics. The children begin learning their vowels. Once these letters are mastered, they learn the consonants. They are given oral evaluations on the letters to ensure they have learned the sounds each makes, as well as sight recognition of the letter itself.
We also introduce social studies and science into the curriculum. K-4 students will be introduced to numbers, including number recognition, basic number concepts, and counting.
Incorporated with these two things will be handwriting, which is practiced daily. They will also be involved in reading groups, creativity centers, and computer centers.
We provide an overall learning experience incorporating games, music, drama and art, and computers. The children are divided into age graded classes with music, stories, craft activities, and education experiences that are appropriate for their developmental level.
Since play is hard work, a daily rest period is needed, therefore each child is given an opportunity for an afternoon nap.


Learning Begins at Home
We recognize that learning begins at home, but Kid’s of Promise Preschool would like to partner together with you in providing your child with a top quality early child-hood education experience which will encourage positive moral, emotional, social, intellectual and physical growth for each child in their first school experience.
We sincerely love children and want to make their time with us a joyful experience. Any child is welcome and encouraged to attend, regardless of race, color, national origin, or religion.


Choose Carefully
Your child’s safety and well being, as well as their education is very important. So we encourage you choose your preschool carefully. We would be glad to answer any questions, and to give you a tour of our facilities. We sincerely believe that once you check us out, you will choose us.






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